5 Indian Authors You Must Read Now and Chetan Bhagat is not on the list!

It's Time To Curl Up With A Nice Book This Monsoon!

As the monsoon sets in, we’re slowly beginning to fantasise once again about rainy days spent in, with a warm blanket, a hot cup of coffee and a good book. I can almost imagine curling up by a window with the sound and smell of the rain, while I slowly but surely get lost in the pages of the riveting story I’m reading.

But what am I reading? Whose story am I diving into? Is it a universal classic like Pride and Prejudice? Is it a timeless favourite like Harry Potter? A book about love and loss like Far From the Madding Crowd? Or something closer to home? Something I can relate to, Something from India?

It would be inaccurate of me to say that Indian authors are new. No, Indians have been writing for as long as we can imagine. We’ve even been assigned short stories by Khushwant Singh, and Poems by Tagore as part of our English curriculum in school. Indians, like any other country in the world has produced intelligent and beautiful writers for a long time.

However, since the advent of Chetan Bhagat, every time I walk into a book store, I need to hunt for literature from other Indian authors. While I have nothing against Chetan Bhagat, I do wonder what the rest of the country has to say. So this monsoon, I’m making a pledge to read 5 Indian Authors who aren’t Chetan Bhagat. Here they are:


Amitav Ghosh:  Amitav Ghosh writes both fiction and non-fiction. His recent work, the Ibis trilogy has been received very well. The trilogy deals with the trade of opium between India and China run by the East India Company. Ghosh also received the Man Booker Prize in 2008 for his book The Sea Of Poppies.




Anita Nair: This Bangalorean author was working at an advertising agency when she wrote her first book. Satyr Of The Subway is a collection of short stories. Nair has been lauded for her book Ladies Coupe. Ladies Coupe is about the condition of women in a male dominated society told with insight and humour.



Devdutt Pattanaik: When you think of Devdutt Pattanaik, you think of Indian Mythology. Pattanaik has done wonders with our multi-layered mythologies. The illustrated retellings of the Mahabharat and the Ramayan are a great way of retelling stories that have been told to us again and again. His book, My Gita received mixed reactions, but is still worth a read.




Meena Kandasamy: Meena is more than an author. She’s a poet and an activist. Her works are mainly centred around feminism and the case annihilation movement. Her new book, When I Hit You, talks about marital rape and abuse in a marriage.




RK Narayan: RK Narayan is a classic Indian writer. He created the fictional town of Malgudi, which forms the background for most of his stories like Swami And Friends, A Painter of Signs and The Guide. His work has been described as unpretentious and humorous. RK Narayan is one of the pioneers in English writing in India.


Here’s to a wonderful monsoon full of new stories and adventure!

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