5 Indians Vogue could have used instead of Kendal Jenner!

Plus, our take on the Vogue cover issue!

It’s nothing new for an American model to be on the cover of an another country’s Vogue cover! Naomi Campbell was on the cover of Vogue Turkey, Brasil, Russia, and Vogue Thailand. Gigi Hadid was recently on Vogue Arabia. But why all this roar when it comes to Kendal on Vogue India? Because it’s special – it’s the 10th anniversary of celebrating Indian fashion and beauty so it’s common sense to feature an Indian on the cover! Damage is done and we as Indians shouldn’t make such a big deal out of this, ok if it’s really a big deal for you then why target Vogue, please target half of our retail brands who think they can sell better only if they use international (read white skinned) models! Why such double standards within us? Ok let’s talk about colour – an online publication lashed out at Vogue for using a white model on its cover, well this got us thinking where were we – people and media at large when a national campaign like ‘Dark is beautiful‘ was fighting to take down brand’s like Fair and Handsome/Fair&Lovely? We need more of action and less of talk from people and media houses when it comes to liberty, freedom, racism and colorism! 

We really feel bad for Kendal for the long haul of unfortunate events starting with Pepsi and in this case it’s completely on Vogue India, as a model she did her job and BTW who wouldn’t want to be on the cover of Vogue India right? Well when an international star like her agrees to appear on an Indian cover, we should at least make her feel welcomed! Guys, what happened to ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’? Kendal you can keep coming back to India for more covers, now that we have Priyanka and Deepika on Amercian magazine covers. You’re most welcome and word of advice some younglings out there really look up to you so maybe be a little careful and responsible next time? Thanks! 

Sorry for the digression, coming back to Vogue. As its a year long celebration of their 10th anniversary and they promised that this is the first of its series of celebrating fashion and beauty, sorry we meant Indian fashion and beauty! We narrow down few Indian now global personalities that Vogue can feature to celebrate real Indian fashion and beauty with of course a global connection:



i. Vera Mindy Chokalingam, known as Mindy Kaling, is an Emmy nominee American actress and comedian. She’s funny, opinionated and a real role model.




Image: Femina



ii. Sakshi Mallik, an Indian freestyle wrestler, made us proud at the 2016 Summer Olympics when she won the bronze medal in the 58 kg category, becoming the 1st Indian female wrestler to win a medal at the Olympics.


Image: Conde Nast



iii. Priyanka Chopra, well you don’t need an explanation to this superstar. She has worked really hard to become a global star and she deserves to be on that cover!




Image: Vanity Fair




iv. Deepika Padukone is fast getting global attention for her work and beauty post her international debut.





v. Pooja Mor has made us proud by walking for top designers like Valentino and has graced the pages of many international magazines and fashion campaigns. True representation of Indian beauty to the global audience.










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