5 Places You Can Go Without A Visa!

Well, you can thank us later!

As we scroll through our news feeds, reading the numerous articles about the joys and benefits of travel, we stare longingly, hoping that one day, our foreign policy will allow us to travel as freely as Americans or Europeans. It isn’t as easy for us. We cannot just pack our bags on a whim and get on a flight to the most picturesque destination.  We cannot make a quick trip to Europe over the weekend, we cannot go chasing the love of our life in Paris. We would be stopped at the gate, and asked for our visas.

So what do we do if we want a quick holiday? What do we do if we want to experience a new culture, new cuisine, and new sceneries? Where do we go to escape our everyday lives? Where do we, as Indians, go on a whim?

Here are 5 places that you can visit without needing a Visa:

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Let’s start with a place close to home. Nepal is just across the border and has a lot to offer to tourists. Apart from being the ultimate mountaineering destination (the trek to the Everest base camp begins from Khumjung, Nepal), it also has a lot of cultural spots for tourists. The UNESCO world heritage site of Bhaktapur Durbar Square is situated in Nepal, where you can soak in the culture of the Bhaktapur Kingdom. Nepal also has temples that Hindus hold sacred (like the Pashupathinath temple) making it a good pilgrimage site as well.

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Bhutan has retained a lot of its forests, making it a beautiful and picturesque place to go to. The mountainous terrain of Bhutan makes it a beautiful place for hikers and nature lovers. In a country where the Gross Happiness Index is valued more than the Gross Domestic Product, it is no surprise that it is home to Punakha Dzong, or Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang (Palace of Great Happiness). Renowned for their distinctive architecture, there are plenty of Dzongs to visit in Bhutan. All the nature and happiness is definitely worth the trip.

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Even if you aren’t a mountain person, there are still plenty of options for you. The Maldives lie to the southwest of India and are one of the greatest beach destinations in the world. Their pure waters and white sandy beaches make it the ultimate romantic destination. While there might not be a lot of sightseeing to do, it is the best destination for a relaxed holiday.


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Instagram is filled with people posing in front of Angkor Wat. The ancient temple is only one of the many things that you can do in Cambodia. The architectural style of the country can be recognised anywhere. Not every temple in Cambodia is not solely a religious centre, but an architectural feat as well. What is unique about the Cambodian experience is their cuisine. Want to try spiders? Apart from that, there are museums as well that will allow you to soak up the rich heritage the country.

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Another island destination, Fiji is a collection of islands that promise sun, sand, and water. You can take a pick of the number of activities that you may want to indulge in. Not in the mood for some Zip lining? No problem, just relax and sunbathe on any of the islands as you hear the waves crashing. Not much of a beach person? Why don’t you try out one of the nature walks through the tropical forests that Fiji has to offer? No matter what your interests are, you will definitely find something to do in Fiji.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore a new country now!

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