Bangalore’s Best Kept Secret

What should you look for the next time you’re stuck in traffic?

Copper Pod Flowers


We all know one person who fondly remembers the days when Bangalore was cool all year around. They’ll tell you about the days when we didn’t need ACs, when there wasn’t such unbearable traffic and when loitering around the tree lined roads was blissful. While Bangalore is not blessed with good weather and the lack of traffic anymore, but on the positive side, there are still many tree lined avenues spread across the city.


Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel in the centre.

It is well known that Bangalore wasn’t always green. Different rulers over the years decorated the city with the only ornamentation that is universally appealing: flowers. Hyder Ali created Lal Bagh when he was ruling, and when the British ruled, they brought in Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel, a German botanist to transform the city. Krumiegel planted different flowering trees across the city. Each tree flowers at a different time during the year, making sure that Bangalore is always adorned with flowers. So what were the trees that he planted? What should you look for the next time you’re stuck in traffic?


Here are some of the flowering trees we can find in Bangalore:

The Moulmein Rosewood flower



Moulmein Rosewood
Biological name: Miletia Ovalifolia
This Burmese tree with its small bright mauve flowers can be found blossoming in January.  This tree is almost leafless when it’s in bloom and can be seen in mainly in Cubbon Park and Lalbagh.






The Tree Of Gold
Biological name: Tabebuia Argentea
Not to be confused with the Copper Pod, this tree is from South America. It blossoms from January to March and can be found near the Bangalore City Railway station and Kasturba Road.





Java Cassia
Biological name: Cassia Javanica
These bright pink flowers can be found in April and May. As seen in the name, this tree is from Java and Sumatra and can be found in Lal bagh, Cubbon Park, and at the Hudson Church.




Flowers from the Sausage Tree



Sausage Tree

Biological name: Kigelia Pinnata
Blossoming in May and June, these maroon flowers originally come from parts of Tropical Africa. It’s called the sausage tree because of the fruits which are long and sausage shaped.





Copper Pod
Biological name: Peltophorum Petrocarpum
These trees are incredibly an incredibly common feature on any Bangaloreans Instagram post. They are originally from the Andamans, Malaysia and Northern Australia. It can be found blossoming in North Bangalore from March to September.




Indian Cork Tree
Biological name: Millingtonia Hortensis
These flowers are not flashy. They’re trumpet-shaped, long and white. This tree has been brought to India from Burma. Blooming in September and October, they can be found in the High court complex, Madhavan Park and near the Cosmopolitan club in Jayanagar.



The Fiery African Tulip


African Tulip Tree

Biological name: Spathoda Campanulata

The African tulip tree has a bright orange flower that adorns the trees and the roads from August to December. As the name suggests, this tree was brought to India from Africa. This tree can be found in Cubbon Park, Lalabagh and other parts of the city.



These are only some of the many flowering trees found in the city. Thanks to Krumbiegel and his extraordinary vision, Bangalore is still filled with blooming trees. Let’s hope the city remains evergreen and stunning!

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