Carla Dennis – Model/Actresses

Carla talks to us about modelling, her beauty routine and much more!

Carla has made quite an impression in the fashion world by bagging major campaigns with Vogue, GQ, with brands like Liveon, Baggit and is currently preparing to enter Bollywood. Carla talks to us about modelling, her beauty routine and much more!

Q1. Modelling and now acting! How has the journey been?

Carla: The journey has been exciting yet a challenging one. The transition from fashion to film requires a lot of hard work and perseverance.


Q2. How did modelling start?

Carla: I was a student at The University of Pretoria where I studied Bsc computer science and LLB Law. I had gone to watch a cricket match when the IPL was in the country and there I was scouted to be Miss Kolkata Knight Riders and I was approached by numerous modelling agencies in India to come over and work. I took the plunge and followed my long lost dream to be a fashion model. It was only after 5 years of modelling that I realised I loved acting and therefore completed an acting course to pursue acting. I loved modelling and I wanted to reach a good point in my career before I commenced to acting. I firmly believe if we do anything in life we should do it to the best of our ability. At first, I experienced a bit of a culture shock, to be honest, I was alone in a new country with a completely different culture, but after a week of adjusting, I totally fell in love with Mumbai and its amazing energy.

Q3. Fashion trends you hate? 

  1. Transparent latex boots
  2. Exaggerated shoulder pads
  3. Peplum tops
  4. Mom jeans
  5. Heel-less shoes

Q4. Give us a sneak peak into your daily routine. 

Carla: On a non-shoot day my routine starts at


10am – Wake up and drink water

10:30am – Meditate

11amBREAKFAST: Oats with nuts and almond milk

12pm2pm Meetings and castings

2pm – LUNCH : Large chicken with salad, green juice

3pm – Research and brain storming

4pm – GYM 35 minutes of low intensity cardio

4:30pm – 6pm Home chores

6pm – Cook dinner

7pm – Hindi language learning classes

8pm DINNER Fish, vegetables and potato

10pm – 11pm GYM Resistance and weight training

11pm – Netflix and chill

12am – Sleep

Typical shoot day:

5am – Wake up and drink water

5:20am – Breakfast

6am – Makeup and Hair

7am – Coffee

7:30am – 1pm SHOOT then LUNCH : coconut water, grilled chicken with broccoli

1PM- 5pm SHOOT

7pm – 9pm Cook and eat dinner

9pm – GYM Rehabilitation and foam rolling

10pm – Netflix and chill

11pm – SLEEP

Q5. Outfits in your closet you cannot live without.

  1. Gym clothes
  2. Leather jacket and boots
  3. Jeans, t-shirt and flat boots
  4. Long summer dress and sandals
  5. Jeggings, high-top sneakers and NY cap

Q6. Take us through your skin care routine?


  1. La Roche Posay face wash
  2. Auriga Flavo C under eye cream
  3. Vichy sunscreen and water spray


  1. Bio oil
  2. Auriga Flavo C under eye serum
  3. Auriga Flavo C face serum


Q7. What’s next on the list?

Carla: A web series and an entrepreneurial venture, stay tuned.

Q8. Advice to younglings who are just starting off?

Carla: Always believe in yourself, you are your biggest fan.

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