Hanging Out with Kanika Karvinkop, Stylist/Trailblazer

She talks to us about her work with Refinery 29, clichés, norms and more.

Kanika has worked with Refinery 29, Bullett magazine, Nylon, Elle, Vogue, Grazia and some amazing international and Indian designers. She talks to us about her work, style, breaking norms and much more.



Kanika’s work for Refinery 29.

Q1. First off, tell us about your experience working with Refinery29?

Kanika: It was great working with refinery 29. The team is really creative and I love the openness and collaborative attitude they have. We took our time on this one getting into minute details, which was fun. I dug deep and went into the history of Indian fashion, researched for about two months before the shoot. Every image in the Refinery shoot has been inspired by how women used to style themselves years and years ago in India. Old pictures of my mom, grandmom and the way they would dress helped me a lot. We wanted to make it modern but keeping the fashion of the past as a strong inspiration. It was so fascinating to see how the women styled themselves back then. Silhouettes like the bell sleeves, the print on print, drapes, layering the jewelry and even the shoes varied from one class of women to another.

Kanika’s work for Refinery 29.

Q2. How did you get into the fashion industry?

Kanika: I always knew that I wanted to do something in fashion but I never knew what and how to get in or go about it. After my grad from the University of Malta where I did my masters in Creativity and Innovation, I decided to venture out on my own by trying my hand at designing. I opened a label under my name which sold out pretty quick but that was an experience that really drew me to something more. I knew that the process of creating outfits was fun but creating and styling looks on people during my photoshoots really caught my attention. I even started a blog for a short while and then later applied for an internship at Grazia Magazine which took me in for a couple of months. Learned a lot on the job which I think is the best way forward. Soon after that, I landed a full-time job with the magazine. I worked with Grazia for about two years and then decided to freelance. I’ve been freelancing for exactly a year now and I love it, I have worked with Refinery 29, Bullett magazine, Nylon, Elle, Vogue, Grazia and some amazing international and Indian designers.

Kanika’s work for Mans World.

Q3. Fashion cliches that annoy you?

Kanika: One cliche about the fashion industry that really gets to me is when people outside of the industry think that everyone on the inside is a little snooty and unapproachable and thinks no end of themselves. Well, the truth is it’s quite the opposite. Not everyone is like that. I personally have had the chance to meet some of the most amazing and creative people who have helped me grow and have inspired me tremendously.

Q4.  Any NORM you have broken recently?

Kanika: When we dress up for Indian weddings, we generally think traditional. Well of late I’ve been experimenting, trying to mix things up a little. I recently wore a embroidered jacket with pants, and a gold sari blouse with cropped trousers stitched by designer Anavila another time, I also wore a metallic slip dress with an embroidered shawl for a sangeet once.

Kanika’s work for Elle, India.

Q5. Style or Fashion? Why?

Kanika: Style off-course. I am not crazy about big labels and designers. I prefer Vintage and love looking out for newer and upcoming designers. You will never find me in a head to toe designer outfit, I always like to mix it up.

Q6. Heels or Flats? Why?

Kanika: Umm, I am loving mules at the moment. They can look laid back and effortlessly chic as much as they look very fancy and elegant.

Q7. Tell us about the: Labels you Love.

Kanika: Some of the labels I love are Anavila, Pero, Raw Mango, The Frankie Shop, Edun, Maurie & Eve, House of Harlow, Shoplune and for high street,  I love Urban Outfitters, & other stories, Stussy and Zara off course. I love buying a lot of vintage as well.

Kanika’s Home! Image: Kanika’s IG Feed.

Q8. How does your day start?

Kanika: With a tall glass of ABC juice or Ragi.


Image: Rediff Shopping

Q9. Tell us about your skincare routine.

Kanika: To be honest I’m not really into using too many products. My skin is really sensitive so I try and use as less as possible. I stay away from face packs and masks. I use the Cetaphil face wash and Neutrogena sunscreen. For makeup, I use the Estee lauder daily wear foundation and the Mac bronzer which I absolutely love and have been using for years now.

Q10. Music: Kanika’s Current loving?

Kanika: I’ve always liked Post Malone, recently I’ve been listening to their cover of White Iverson by Grace Mitchell on repeat, love love it.


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