Joanna Vargas, Celeb Facialist

What's common between Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Rachel Weisz? Their otherworldly skin of course, and the woman who's responsible for it - Joanna Vargas!

What’s common between Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Rachel Weisz? Their otherworldly skin of course, and the woman who’s responsible for it – Joanna Vargas!

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Joanna Vargas has been focused on one thing: beautiful skin. Combining her commitment to plant-based ingredients and her passion for science, Joanna’s nature-meets-technology approach has made her one of the most sought out estheticians and experts in the beauty industry today. Joanna’s results-driven treatments and products are a favourite among celebrities, supermodels, socialites, editors, and women who simply want the best for their skin. She talks to us about her hectic life, kids and skincare.

Q1. How did it all start with being a Facialist? 

Joanna: A winding road- I started out wanting to be a photographer, then a makeup artist. I went to esthetics school with makeup in my head but really fell in love with skincare immediately!


Q2. Can you walk us through your daily routine? 

Joanna: I wake up at 5 am to do a Peloton class. After, I dry brush and shower before anyone wakes up. I read through my beauty news and favourite blogs and then get the kids ready for school. Once I get to work I hit the ground running, I do facials every day on clients and once I’ve seen about 6 or 7 people I spend the afternoon in meetings and answering emails. I get home right at 7 pm to hang with the kids and hear about their day. Pretty regular stuff. I travel a lot for work, so if I’m in town it’s all about the kids.



Joanna’s LA Studio



Q3. What does the word ‘Beauty’ mean to you?

Joanna: It means being happy and embracing what makes you unique.



Joanna’s LA Studio


Q4. How does it feel to be working on world famous faces?

Joanna: It’s such a privilege to meet artists I admire so much and it’s wonderful to be able to create so much confidence for them that they don’t have to ever think about anything but their work.



Q5. Skincare must haves according to you?

Joanna: I use my Vitamin C Face Wash, which is a foaming exfoliating cleanser. I take my makeup off with that as well because I hate fussing with tons of products.  I follow with my Daily Serum – the skin needs greens, and my formula is packed with vital greens for the skin. I apply it all over, even to the eye area. It makes the skin hydrated and lightens and brightens my face for the morning. If I have a big event the next day, I will sometimes go to sleep with my Exfoliating Mask on my face. It really brightens and exfoliates for a nice clean palette in the morning for makeup!


Joanna’s NYC Studio

Q6. Facial oils which you recommend?

Joanna: I have a serum in my line called the Rejuvenating Serum which is made from argan oil for vitamin C, jojoba oil for balancing oil production, olive oil, a skin softener, neroli oil for better circulation, and rosehips oil for environmental protection. It improves your skins ability to heal and improves the texture of the skin.



Joanna’s NYC Studio


Q7. How often should we use sheet masks

Joanna: A mask once a week is great for the skin.





Here’s a look at Joanna’s skincare range:

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