Karlie Kloss announces Kode With Klossy 2017

The future is digital and Koding with Klossy is a super power!

KODE WITH KLOSSY empowers girls to learn to code and become leaders in tech. Started in 2014 when founder Karlie Kloss began her own adventure in learning to code, Kode With Klossy hosts girls’ coding summer camps, awards career scholarships to young women developers and helps create a national community changing the role of girls and women in tech.

APPLY NOW: http://www.kodewithklossy.com

Kode With Klossy’s free two week long computer science summer camps are coming to 10 cities this year: New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Oakland, Chicago, and St. Louis.  Girls aged 13-18 will be learning back and front end web development, learning from experts in the field, and making life long friends.


+ Girls aged 13-18
+ Must live within metro area of selected city
+ Passionate about learning to code! (No experience necessary)

Watch the vlogs from last year’s scholars!

Simply Selin DAY 5 https://youtu.be/EtEYoaGHdMM
Shirley Liu LA https://youtu.be/CwHSo8RKgDw
Rachael Pope NYC https://youtu.be/tW6ikkuXLZo
London STL https://youtu.be/3ldlf54kfpo

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