Korean Sheet Masks 101

Men - you must try them too!

Korea’s obsession with skin perfection and beauty standards is something we cannot resonate with, on the positive side Korea’s beauty industry has given us some crazy products like the sheet mask – that can be beneficial to the skin’s health with time and right usage of products (read brands). I remember around last year – this time people all around the world was going crazy about Korean sheet masks including, Gigi Hadid!

If you already know the 101’s of a Korean sheet mask, scroll right to the bottom, where we round up sheet masks that really work out the glow on your face. But we do advise you to read on how to use a sheet mask part.

So, what are Korean sheet masks?

Let’s break it down for you:

Korean – sheet masks that’s made in Korea

Sheet – face shaped sheet fabric soaked with active fluid that contains skin nutrients

Mask – you mask or apply the sheet on the face.

Do they really work?

Koreans are really anal about skin care that they use and come up with innovative products that really work. So you are safe! Sheet masks are basically masks that contain active ingredients that work on your face. Also, they have the right amount of product and your skin won’t have a choice but to nourish itself.  And you know, what! These masks are effortless, you open the packed, apply on your face and take it off after few minutes. Unlike our favourite traditional cream masks, its instant – perfect for the millennials.

How to use a sheet mask?

It’s not that simple – open and apply. There’s got to be a technique to this. Here’s a legit video on how to use sheet masks by Charlotte Cho’s Soko Glam.

How often do you need to put a sheet mask on?

You can use it once a week and use it just before an event for fresh looking skin.

Legit sheet masks in India

We round up some of our favourite sheet masks that have worked for us!


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