Model – Neelam Gill’s Evening Skin Care Routine

This is legit from the model herself!

Click on the above images to view in full size. 

British/Indian model and our favourite Neelam, took us to her evening skin care routine via her insta stories. Well you gotta take notes when a model is giving you skin care tips! Do models really have the answers for all things skin and fashion? Not really but they are exposed to the top experts from this field and it also comes with them experimenting with products to get the best results, after all it’s their profession to have fresh dewy skin every single day of their lives.

Thanks Neelam for showing the world your evening routine, we are sure someone will benefit from this in terms of skin care. Guys, there’s more to Neelam than just being a model who was featured in a Burberry campaign, Gill has spoken about bullying, depression and body confidence issues via her YouTube channel. Check it out here:



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